District History

Lubeck Public Service District was organized on January 30, 1958 and began serving water to approximately 300 customers in 1960 with a water rate of $6.00 for 3,000 gallons. The District had a boundary adjustment in July 1988 increasing the District boundary to the Jackson County line. Over the years the District has completed several self help water projects to get water extended to new customers. Beginning in about 1987 the District had to start water rationing during the summer months. In 1988 the District began efforts to move to a new water well field that would adequately provide water to all customers of the District. A new well field and water plant were constructed and the District moved to the present location next to Walnut Grove subdivision in 1990. The District continues to extend water lines to new customers either by self help projects or surcharges to pay for the extensions. In 2006 the District completed the building of 4 new water tanks giving us an adequate supply of water should we have a power outage, etc. along with some interconnections of lines to better move water across the District. In 2007, DuPont completed the installation of the Granular Activated Carbon filters for the District to remove the ammonium perfluorooctanoate (C-8) to a level below the now EPA recommended level of 0.04 PPB.

The District began operating sewage package plants in 1965 and over the years thereafter. The District ended up with a total of 14 plants spread over the District. In 1998 the District had a major sewer project that installed approximately 40 miles of gravity sewer lines, 11 pump stations and a 1.5 MGD Oxidation Ditch sewage plant. The District was able to abandon 13 of the package plants.

The district has made great strides in improving the quality of our water and sewer services. We hope to continue making these strides to ensure that our customers are receiving the up most customer service. May we have another 50 years of success.